Embraer is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, focusing on specific market segments, with high growth potential in commercial, defense, and executive aviation. We have been able to successfully introduce 15 Aircrafts during 2005 - 2007

More than 56 customers in the commercial aviation market all over the world. This international range reflects the quality of our aircraft and also the fact that our jets are establishing themselves as essential tools in the development of world aviation. Our E-Jets, with a 70 to 130-seat capacity, have a strategic function in airlines, helping them to maintain their competitive positions. Around 900 regional jets of the ERJ 145 family currently fly on all five continents, operated by more than 30 airlines, and they have already surpassed the impressive mark of 13 million cycles and 15 million flight hours.
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The launch of the Legacy 600 executive jet in 2000 marked Embraer’s entry into the executive aviation market. Our experience in designing aircraft for intensive use adds unique market characteristics to our executive jets, providing peace of mind to customers with high rates of aircraft availability and simplified maintenance. The Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 450, Legacy 500, Legacy 600 and Legacy 650, as well as the Lineage 1000 business jets are at the top of their categories, offering superior space and comfort, excellent performance and low operating costs. Satisfying our customers’ needs is what guides development projects on Embraer’s executive jets.
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The ethanol-powered Ipanema crop-duster is the market leader, with more than 50 years of continuous production with more than 1,300 units sold, representing around 75% of the Brazilian fleet operating in this segment.
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We have a strategic role in the Brazilian defense system, by supplying more than 50% of the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira, FAB) fleet. Around 20 foreign air forces also operate our aircraft. A line of defense products based on the ERJ 145 platform, such as the EMB 145 AEW&C, for Airborne Early Warning, the EMB 145 MULTI INTEL, for remote sensing, and the EMB 145 MP, for maritime patrols and anti-submarine warfare, have excellent potential for sales in the competitive international defense market. 
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